2023 B2B Web Design Trends Released by Bop Design

2023 B2B Web Design Trends Released by Bop Design

SAN DIEGO, Jan. 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — B2B website design and marketing agency, Bop Design, recently released the top eight B2B website design trends for 2023. The website design trends were a collaborative effort from the agency’s creative principal, art director, design director, and website designer.

The agency recently published the  B2B web design trends to their agency blog and according to the list, the web design team expects to see eight design features gain in popularity in 2023. The list includes a variety of trends, including the increased use of motion graphics, incorporating bold, organic shapes, and content layering for space. The entire list can be viewed, along with examples, on the agency’s web design blog.

“While it’s nearly impossible to predict the future of B2B web design, our team worked together to share the trends we are currently seeing that we expect to gain traction,” said creative principal and agency co-founder, Kara Jensen. “Our team has extensive experience in building and researching web design features and capabilities and our trends prediction is based on that in-depth knowledge.”

In addition to Jensen, the other contributors to the trends for 2023 include art director, Laura Magnuson, design director, Daniela Warren, and website designer, Alisa Brenner. The core team of B2B website designers pull their predictions from previous work on designs for SaaS companies, AI firms, industrial companies, and other technology firms in the B2B space. Over the course of 2022, the design agency launched 42 new websites for clients and started working on a variety of other sites that are currently in development.

“Web design is an exciting industry and over the past 15 years, we’ve seen trends come and go,” stated Jeremy Durant, business principal and co-founder of the B2B website design and marketing agency. “I’m always excited to see the B2B website design and features our design and development teams bring to life to make our clients’ websites stand out. These trends cover just a sample of new and dynamic features, capabilities, and layouts we expect to develop for our clients this year.”

About Bop Design: Bop Design is a global B2B marketing and web design agency, founded and headquartered in San Diego, CA. Bop Design is a boutique agency working exclusively on B2B web design, marketing, and content marketing projects. The agency’s clients are in various industries including SaaS, technology, cybersecurity, managed services, industrial, manufacturing, finance, consulting, and biotech. Recent websites launched by the B2B web design agency can be found in its online portfolio.

Contact: Jeremy Durant, Business Principal

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2023 B2B Web Design Trends Released by Bop Design

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