The Maximum Ridiculous and Bizarre Tech Devices From the Ultimate 25 Years

The Maximum Ridiculous and Bizarre Tech Devices From the Ultimate 25 Years

Now not each and every system is a winner. And because it seems, fairly a couple of are entire losers. The large electronics bonanza referred to as CES 2023 is within the books and it featured a variety of bizarre units of its personal, from pee-reading bogs to a slicing board with a display screen. However what if we flip again the clock to soak up the CES presentations of yore? 

Over the last 20-plus years, I have observed units so stupefying that every so often they appear to exist purely as a result of reporters like me will write about them. However it is time to name out the truly terrible ones, the worst of the worst. Vacuum footwear, bathroom paper robots, MP3 weapon holsters, it is your time to polish!

Essentially the most attention-grabbing phase about this rogues gallery is that a few of these merchandise — the Pepe puppy dryer, the HapiFork and the Hushme, to call a couple of — are nonetheless being offered lately. That is proper: You blew it up, you maniacs!

Dyson Zone Air-Purifying Headphones

The Maximum Ridiculous and Bizarre Tech Devices From the Ultimate 25 Years

Not anything atypical right here.

Andrew Lanxon/CNET

Now not technically a CES product, as this used to be introduced all over 2022, however Dyson used to be demonstrating the Zone headphones in Las Vegas all over CES 2023. Regardless that the Zone seems to be find it irresistible will have to be a COVID masks, that is sadly now not what it does. In step with the Dyson website, building at the Zone started long ago in 2016 as a non-public air clear out — for air pollution, principally — and as such, it used to be by no means designed to offer protection to in opposition to COVID. Moreover, one critic has claimed the system’s force-driven lovers may just even lend a hand maximize your chances of catching coronavirus. CNET’s Katie Collins, who attempted it out at Dyson’s HQ in the United Kingdom, idea it used to be “too good and abnormal to forget about.”

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Charmin Rollbot

Charmin RollBot


Pc peripherals producer Razer is the king of making “have a look at me” merchandise in particular for CES, however bathroom tissue logo Charmin was infamous for this 2020 access. That is proper, within the yr that noticed the mass panic purchasing of bathroom paper got here a robotic that would deliver you much more! Twist of fate? Sure… most definitely. The RollBot used to be by no means going to be an actual product, however we cherished/loathed it anyway.

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Kolibree Sensible Toothbrush

An iPhone next to a Kolibree toothbrush

Kolibree’s new attached toothbrush tracks customers’ job, serving to them brush in probably the greatest manner they may be able to.


Bear in mind after we needed to wash our fingers for 20 seconds by way of making a song songs to ourselves? The similar technique additionally applies to brushing your tooth, however why will have to you utilize your individual mind and lips like a sucker? There were many good toothbrushes through the years, however lately I am selecting at the Kolibree. The entirety used to be simply nice till the arriving of “the sector’s first attached electrical toothbrush.” Satisfied birthday to you, glad birthday to you… 

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Taser MP3 Holster

Taser MP3 holster

Ideally suited Protection

Again within the 2000s, the iPod was this type of cultural phenomenon that each and every corporate rushed to create an MP3 participant of its personal. This culminated in what is among the dumbest CES merchandise in contemporary reminiscence: the Tazer MP3 holster. Consider making an attempt not to handiest rate your holster but in addition attach it by means of USB on your pc to fill it up with 1GB of tunes.

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Pepe Puppy Dryer

Pepe pet dryer

Pepe is a dryer to your canine and cats.

Patrick Holland/CNET

Wish to discover a new strategy to make your small canine or cat hate you endlessly? Lock them in a dice jail for 25 mins (!) and matter them to gusts of scorching air. This mixture torture instrument/dryer would have set you again $660, or you have to simply throw a towel over your rainy canine like a typical human. 

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Hapifork on a plate of food and napkin


All the way through historical past, there were such a lot of units designed to restrict standard human conduct, however this one takes the (pan)cake. The HapiFork is but every other vibrating system that tells you to consume your foods slower (over 20 mins), with the theory being that you’re much less prone to overeat. In my view, I wolf my very own foods down like I am in jail, so do your worst, HapiFork. I will consume with my fingers if I’ve to! You might be now not the boss of me!

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A man with a Hushme over his mouth

Hushme in covering mode.

David Carnoy/CNET

The Hushme is actually a “dumb” product — it is designed to make its person mute to folks within the instant neighborhood. It used to be pitched as being helpful in offices, however… if a co-worker gave me this kind of, they might higher be dressed in vacuum footwear, with a purpose to blank up the gleefully stomped-on bits.

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Belty smart belt in a display case

Make room for Belty, a wise pant-holding instrument that slims or expands to regulate granular adjustments on your waistline. It’s not a comic story.

Nick Statt/CNET

The unique Belty used to be a prototype good belt with a motor in it that adjusted itself as to if you simply ate or had been sitting down. Impractical as hell, however more or less cool? Whilst there’s a more recent fashion, also known as Belty, this one is even more strange — there is not any auto-sizing, but it surely does have an influence financial institution charger within the buckle. OK, two issues. Now not handiest do I now not need a doubtlessly risky compound close to my nethers, I do not wish to attach a chain of units there both. 

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Xybernaut Poma

A man models the Xybernaut Poma wearable computer

Sean Captain, previously of PC Consultant, fashions the Xybernaut Poma. By way of

Sean Captain

First proven off at CES 1998, the Hitachi Xybernaut wearable pc used to be a horrible thought lengthy prior to Google Glass used to be even a gleam in Babak Parviz’s eye. The Home windows CE-based Xybernaut Poma introduced a 128MHz RISC processor and 32MB of RAM for the low worth of $1,499, plus it strapped on your arm and your face and your belt! 

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Denso Vacuum Sneakers

The bottom of a Denso Vacuum Shoe

Sarah Tew/CNET

Sneakers. You put on ’em. They put on out, you purchase extra. However that isn’t thrilling now, is it? They want issues in them — telephones, rockets, rollers and… vacuums? There are such a lot of puns I may just make about even simply the identify of the Denso Vacuum Sneakers, however the truth that they existed in any respect used to be the most important comic story of all.

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