Top platforms to learn programming for beginners

Top platforms to learn programming for beginners

Programming skills are becoming increasingly important as more and more businesses and educational institutions move online. It’s no longer just for software developers and IT experts, but for undergraduates as well looking to quickly get into the job market. Whether you want to build websites or mobile apps, knowing how to code offers up a world of possibilities for creating fresh, creative content. Hence, even if you don’t plan on becoming a full-fledged programmer, it’s a good idea to have a working knowledge of basic programming concepts.

Here are a few websites and apps to help you improve your credentials if you’re a beginner looking to get into programming.

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Over time Coursera has grown into a huge for-profit educational and technological corporation that offers courses on several topics from well-known universities and experts. The platform provides innumerable programming courses for beginners which you can access free or by paying. Leading universities like the University of Toronto, University of Washington, Stanford or Vanderbilt offer such courses online. You can attain certificates from Coursera which you can add to your LinkedIn profile, however, you will need to pay for these.

As a beginner, if you are interested to learn HTML, Python, Ruby or CSS, you can head over to It is one of the most popular platforms to go to if you want to try your hand at some basic coding. The website offers free coding classes in 12 different coding and markup languages. This website will let you keep track of your progress while learning a coding language and put what you have learned into practice right away.


DataCamp offers amazing ideas on the concepts of data science to beginners with customisable time constraints. It is an online data science learning website where you can find every possible resource you need in one single place. Well-renowned and expert instructors start the course by teaching you the basics of Python and then you gradually go over the practical application of what you’ve learned. Users can learn programming by themselves – on the time and terms that work best for them, making it a convenient and time-efficient learning platform. Beginners can access both free courses and paid courses according to their needs, and can also access tutorials and coding challenges catered toward new learners. The paid courses can be accessed by paying $25 monthly (about Tk. 2,380) or $250 annually (about Tk. 23,830).

Code School

Code School is an interactive platform for aspiring programmers that offers several courses taught by experienced and engaging instructors, helping programmers find the right path for their aspiring careers. Several courses on HTML/CSS, SQL, Git, Elixir, PHP, Ruby, JavaScript and others are produced with high-quality video content. The website presents students with several challenges in the browser and gives feedback right away. Through these challenges, students can earn points and badges. In the end, it provides them with a report card containing their activities on the platform after course completion. 


Udemy is a global marketplace for online learning and teaching. The platform offers courses taught by expert instructors to learn and hone new skills to achieve goals, for free or at a set price. At Udemy, you can learn Algorithms, Java, REST, Data Structure, Spring, Selenium and many more. As a user-friendly platform, it allows you to learn programming as a beginner for free. However, the paid resources are reasonably priced as well, and during their flash sale, you can acquire them for $9.99 (about Tk. 950) total.


Apart from websites, there are several apps to learn programming. Conducted by a team from Code with Google, Grasshopper is a free app that is solely designed for beginners. If you’re interested in learning JavaScript, this is the app to try out. Designed for novices, Grasshopper has a simple drag-and-drop code editor that helps beginners learn with ease. The platform also offers short and easy lessons which can be completed anywhere, offering detailed lessons on the fundamentals of programming, including methods, functions and variables. After completing courses, each participant receives certificates and awards, which can be a great motivational tool to learn more advanced courses down the line. 


If you are interested to learn web development, SQL and Python, Mimo can be the right choice for you. It is a simple, well-designed and user-friendly platform that will allow you to attend small courses on the go. The app is popular among novice programmers since it offers easy-to-grab courses, ‘gamifying’ them with real situations, streaks, awards and examples. The platform boasts other languages as well, including, HTML, CSS, Java, JavaScript, Kotlin, C++, PHP, Swift, etc. The app has a built-in glossary and a playground that allows you to experiment with codes as well. After successfully completing a course on Mimo, you can pay to get your certificates.


With an intuitive, interactive and user-friendly interface, Encode is considered one of the most fantastic tools for beginner programmers. The app offers free bite-sized lessons on web development, Python and JavaScript that you can attend anytime and anywhere. You can also download the lessons to learn them later to avoid network issues. The app offers in-depth and thorough tips, tricks and tutorials to help you learn. The platform’s interactive tutorials come complete with essential assignments and feedback to keep users on track. The app also offers paid exercises for people who want to learn in-depth. 

Coding might seem complicated, boring and tedious, but in reality, it is the exact opposite. Programming enhances abstract thinking and problem-solving skills, a big reason why it is gaining traction among professionals. If you are a beginner and want to improve your resume, learning how to do programming is one of the greatest favour you can do yourself right now.

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